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If you'd like to share concrit, plot ideas, or just want to drop me a line, this is the place to do it! Comments will be screened for privacy.

I can also be reached at:

aim - JainaX
plurk - [ profile] effervescible
e-mail -
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Sadie is a natural medium and her power has been expanded to include Spook Sense. a form of psychometry through which she autpmatically attains a basic awareness of a being's supernatural or magical nature upon making contact. (This does not include specific personal knowledge or memory sharing.)

For example:

What kind of being is your character: A vampire!
How do they work: They drink blood to live.
Any special rules for their version of this creature type: Nope, just the usual weaknesses of daylight, silver and stakes.

If we've got a thread where this will become relevant or you just want me to know preeptively, please fill this out and post as a comment!

Additionally, Sadie drinks a looooot of alcohol—it's a large part of her character, so if your character meets her, odds are she has a martini in hand or is already toasted. Canon treats this rather cavalierly, as it's a comedy with lots of silliness, but if this isn't your bag, just let me know here or send me a PM and I won't tag your character(s) with her. No harm no foul!
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Hello there! I'm not here right now, but leave a message, darling, and we'll speak soon!

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